Why you'll love PayNearMe

Convenient for Customers to Pay

Your customers can make payments 24/7 in their own neighborhood in less than 60 seconds at any of the 17,000 participating 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and ACE Cash Express stores across the United States.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

PayNearMe allows you to leverage the cash registers of 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and ACE Cash Express to collect cash payments. This frees you from having to manually collect and process cash and money order payments on-site.

Payments are Guaranteed

Payments are automatically deposited into your bank account and transactions are 100% guaranteed good funds. We instantly notify you when payments are made.

Quick & Easy to Get Started

Getting started with PayNearMe is quick and easy. In most cases, there are no set-up costs and fees, and no engineering development time is needed.

Why cash matters

Your customers may prefer to pay with cash because they don’t have bank accounts or because of security and privacy reasons. The easier you make it for them to pay you, the greater the likelihood they'll make payments on time or complete a purchase with you.

Cash in circulation is growing, exceeding $1.29 Trillion in 2014. For about 30% of US consumers, cash is the preferred form of tender.

These consumers use cash for 77% of their payment transactions.

Evidence from the "Diary of Consumer Payment Choice”, Federal Cash Reserve System’s Cash Product Office, April 2014.

Nearly 60 million Americans are either unbanked or underbanked.

2010 US Census, 2011 FDIC Report, and the Federal Reserve Bulletin (Vol. 90, No.4 - September 2012)

Industry leaders trust PayNearMe

Businesses in many industries are expanding their products and services to customers who prefer to pay with cash. Auto lending, property management, utilities/municipalities, direct selling, and transportation are great examples of industries that are adopting PayNearMe. Learn more about how PayNearMe offers cash payments for your industry, and see case studies of our customers.

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Read Case Studies

  • H&R Block strives to serve its millions of clients anywhere, anyhow, anytime, and in any way that it can. PayNearMe lets us take this to an entirely new level by giving our customers the best means available to make cash payments to their Emerald accounts.
    Todd Rice
    Vice President of Financial Services, H&R Block
  • PayNearMe is such a competitive advantage. I am no longer afraid to grow, and I can take on new buildings that other property managers won’t even touch
    Allan Hanlon
    Owner, Los Angeles Property Management
  • Our passengers represent a wide cross-section of the public, but the one thing they have in common is their smartphones. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase bus tickets, and PayNearMe’s new smartphone-enabled barcodes have given our passengers a great way to pay for their tickets using an indispensable part of their everyday lives.
    Dave Leach
    President & CEO at Greyhound
  • With over 60 million under- or un-banked individuals who cannot pay by check or credit card, Customer service departments need an additional method to handle an increased volume of cash payments without negatively impacting operating budgets. We’ve integrated PayNearMe to offer our municipal and utility clients additional cash payment choices for their customers.
    J.D. McNaul
    VP of Sales, InfoSend, Inc.

Give your customers an easy & convenient way to make payments with cash