About Us

The PayNearMe family is led by a team of experts from the payments, mobile and retail IT worlds. We exist to build affordably-priced, innovative products that make it easier for consumers to conduct financial transactions and for businesses to serve those consumers.

PayNearMe began in 2009 with the goal of giving cash users the same convenience that debit and credit card users enjoy when paying bills and making online purchases. Today, we offer a network of 17,000 retail locations such as 7-Eleven and Family Dollar, where consumers can make cash payments for everything from utilities and child support payments to bike share membership.

Businesses and government agencies including Greyhound bus, California Department of Child Support Services, Grameen America, Oportun and Herbalife, trust PayNearMe technology to digitize their cash collection process, reducing the headache of traditional cash and money order acceptance.

Leadership Team

Danny Shader

Danny Shader founded PayNearMe in 2009 after a long history of building innovative, high-growth companies. Prior to PayNearMe, he led Good Technology, Inc. a wireless software company that was acquired by Motorola in 2007. Before Good, Danny co-founded Accept.com, one of the first person-to-person payments providers, which Amazon acquired in 1999.


Kurt Thams

As CTO of PayNearMe, Kurt Thams ensures that our payment system is both innovative and reliable. He has architected and built numerous electronic payment systems at startups and for Fortune 500 companies. His works include systems for international money transfer, electronic checking, credit, and prepaid debit.


Steve Capps

Steve Capps is our chief innovator. As an expert in user interface design, he is relentless about making our products and services easy to use. He was a member of the original Macintosh team, key designer of Apple Newton, and an Apple Fellow. Steve is named on 65+ patents that span toys, musical instruments, hardware and software.

Michael Kaplan
Retail Partnerships

Michael Kaplan has over 15 years of experience in mobile and payments technology, and leads the consumer-focused division at PayNearMe. Prior to PayNearMe, he led teams at Good Technology, Motorola, and most recently, Jasper Wireless, where he was responsible for strategic partnerships, solution engineering and carrier integrations globally.


Scotty Perkins
Retail Operations & Compliance

Scotty Perkins oversees PayNearMe’s retail operations and compliance initiatives. He is responsible for the original business design and operation of the company’s financial systems, and is currently responsible for the company’s compliance programs as well as operations and technical integration with PayNearMe’s retailer partners. Prior to PayNearMe, Scotty worked for Good Technology, building the company’s revenue capture and reporting systems while working closely with major U.S. wireless carriers.

Michael Tibbott

Michael Tibbott leads the engineering team at PayNearMe, and was one of the company’s first developers. Michael has a track record of pushing the envelope. From GRiD (first laptop computer) to Apple’s Newton (helped define the PDA), Classifeds2000 (profitable e-commerce web site sold to Excite in 1998), and LivePlanet (integrating web, TV and reality with Project Greenlight), Michael is known for building and managing engineering teams that ship fast, reliable and accurate software.

John Minor
Product & Marketing

John Minor leads the product and marketing teams at PayNearMe. Prior to PayNearMe, John managed network products for Jasper Wireless and worked at Motorola, where he helped the company launch its first Android phone. He began his career at Good Technology, where he served as director of technical account management and escalations.

Brenda Swiney
Finance Operations

Brenda Swiney, CPA and CMA, leads PayNearMe’s finance and business operations teams.  She is experienced with building the infrastructure, policies, and processes of private companies, preparing them for the disciplines needed as a public company. Prior to PayNearMe, she has done similar work successfully at private companies that were subsequently acquired by multi-nationals such as Lucent-Alcatel, Motorola, and EMC, as well as Good Technology, after it was divested by Motorola.

Kunal Kumar
Business Development

Kunal Kumar oversees PayNearMe’s entry into new business segments and opportunities. Prior to leading business development at PayNearMe, Kunal served as GM of the company’s loan repayment business. Previously, he focused on clients in the financial services sector as a strategy consultant at Booz & Company and has served as a domestic policy fellow at the Clinton Foundation.

Christian Solomine
Enterprise and Government Division

Christian Solomine leads PayNearMe’s sales and merchant processing business.  Most recently, he directed the North America Global Partner Program at Telefonica Digital, focusing on Machine-to-Machine(M2M)/IoT solutions and helped lead global business development initiatives. Prior to Telefonica, Christian ran M2M worldwide sales for Rogers Communications in Canada and directed sales at Jasper Wireless for their fleet management and consumer electronics practice.

Allison Amadia
General Counsel

Allison Amadia serves as PayNearMe’s general counsel. Prior to PayNearMe, she was executive vice president, general counsel, chief compliance office, and corporate secretary for Extreme Networks, Inc.

Allison has also held senior legal roles at Novell, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company and VeriFone, Inc. and has headed her own law firm, representing public and private technology companies such as Portal Software (acquired by Oracle) and Good Technology (acquired by Motorola Mobility), among others. She holds a J.D. from University of Pennsylvania Law School and a B.A. in Political Science from University of California at Davis.

Board Members

Mark Britto - CEO, Boku
John Callaghan - General Partner, True Ventures
Dan Levitan - General Partner, Maveron
Danny Shader - CEO, PayNearMe, Inc

Board Advisors

David Hornik - Partner, August Capital
Ben Jealous - Partner, Kapor Capital and former President and CEO, NAACP
David Weiden - Partner, Khosla Ventures
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Our investors are diverse, but one common theme is their track record of building successful companies. They've given us the resources to achieve our vision as a payments technology company and we're thrilled to have them with us on this journey.

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